The Constitution Of The United States Of America Essay

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To best understand any system of government, it is important to examine its origins. In the American system, the Constitution is held up as the ultimate document on how government functions in America. However, the writers of the Constitution had very different ideas about how government was to function ideally. These ideas formed two distinct camps of ideology: federalism and republicanism. The federalists were primarily concerned with how the collective was to function. In their eyes, every citizen had a responsibility to the state, the institution that expresses the will of the collective in a democracy. Standing counter to this ideology lay republicanism. Republicanism contained within it the spirit of American individualism. The individual was far more important than the state for a republican. For them, the role of the state was to protect individual rights, which it must not infringe upon. Both these competing philosophies express themselves in the U.S. Constitution, particularly in its original form. How does federalism relate to republicanism in the context of the original Constitution of the United States of America? In order to answer this question we must first examine the original U.S. Constitution for evidence of federalist ideology. By analyzing the original document, we can see how federalism focused on the collective, and its responsibilities. Then we must do the same with republicanism, analyzing the document for traces of its ideology. By finding within
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