The Constitution Of The United States Of America

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The Constitution In 21st Century America The Constitution of the United States of America (U.S.) since its ratification in 1787 has seen its fair share of challenges such as conflicting interpretation as well as constant evolution such as ratifying new amendments to Bill of Rights as it is a living document. And with this constant conflict and evolution, some who have gained power within the United States Federal and State Governments have at times used their delegated powers against the American people or for their own use unconstitutionally. Therefore, as 21st Century Americans, we must ensure the security of the rights enumerated in the Constitution and add to it if there are rights that are not within the Constitution whether it is in the State Constitutions of the Federal Constitution. We as a society must focus upon securing our rights because if we do not then those who wish to deprive our lives of liberty will be free to do so and the American dream will dissipate and eventually become folklore. As the world continues to react to the Technology Revolution, easy access to technology that can use the Internet to find and spread information within a quarter of a second has become the lifeline to global interaction for millions across the world. And this ability to spread information has begun to worry the governments of countries that people rely heavily upon the internet. And for counties like China that have censored most of the free thinkers within their society,
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