The Constitution Of The United States

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In 1787 a constitution was created to follow for the new nation. The Government, “A controlled system made up by the constitution”. The government has branches that are divided into a group of three. These branches are called the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branch. Branches have different powers and duties. They all have the ability to keep an eye on each other and monitor operations and powers of the other branches. They also have a system making sure one branch doesn’t become more powerful than the other this is called Check and Balances. Today the principles of the constitution is what withholds the United States as a country. The Vice President of the United States is the head of the Senate. The Legislative has two houses…show more content…
They also count and record the votes; and provide advice and support for party members, while ensuring the party’s decisions get carried out. The Legislative branch has a sub-organization called, “A Congressional Committee”. Located in the congress and deals with specific duties instead of general duties. They are put together with different jurisdiction members who handle their own jurisdiction specialized matters. There are four types of committee’s: Standing, Special, Select, and Joint. They monitor cases that could be reviewed by legislators. Before congress gets together and votes the Democrats and the Republicans already know the number of seats they will be given. Being an independent Legislator they can be assigned to a committee through whichever party. The Joint committee is looked at as the people who take on the housekeeping task to basically keep everything together. Today they are usually permanent panels. The Select committee is sometimes considered the backup committee in a case where the standing committee can’t decide or agree on an issue. Also Select is made by separate resolution of the partner chamber. They can conduct studies and investigations to consider all measures. The Standing committee is also a permanent committee made under rule standing of the Senate are great in consideration of particular areas. The House and the Senate will agree to a bill and it’s enrolled in the bill process. The official is sent off to the
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