The Constitution Of The United States

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The Constitution is a document produced by the Founding Fathers of the United States. It was created to set the rules and limitation of the nation and its people. Moreover, the Constitution was mainly constructed for the people of the nation and for their benefit and knowledge. President Roosevelt refers to the Constitution as a "layman 's document." By this, he means that the constitution was written for the common man to comprehend with prior expertise in governmental affairs. The Constitution can be referred to as a "layman 's document" because of its simplicity and easily comprehended nature. Additionally, the remarks of Sandra Day O 'Connor, the first woman to join the Supreme Court, can help support this claim. To begin, the Constitution can be referred to as a "layman 's document" because it can be understood by the common man and is meant for them. The constitution was never created for only politicians and judges- it exists for the common good of the average individual. For example, Sandra Day O 'Connor explains, " Our Constitution is not- and could never be- defended only by a group of Judges"(Sandra Day O 'Connor). She is implying that the Constitution is made for everyone and not simply a group of judges. O’Connor describes how the Constitution was written simply for the common man and not for educated individuals. It could, on no account, be defended by a small and simple group of educated specialists in the subject. Additionally, this supports that
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