The Constitution Of The United States

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Within this world, there are rare moments when something will actually last for more than 100 years. The items that are left are artifacts presented in museums with no meaning to today’s world. They are there to remind people of what used to be and to help show historians mistakes that were made and possibilities to prevent them from ever happening again. Unlike the artifacts, The Constitution of the United States has not been forgotten, it is actually still very alive today. Unlike most relics, The Constitution still holds a very heroic and patriotic implication, freedom. With freedom comes self-government, freedom of speech, religious tolerance, etc. With all these things comes the great responsibility to adapt and fit to the wants and needs of the decade. Even though the Constitution was made for the interests of the people of 1787 America, it has lasted the test of time. It still applies to today, yet the diversities faced are drastically different from those of 1787. The Constitution has faced these diversities head on and survived. The American people have gone through perjuries such as the Tea Act, the Stamp Act, and The Boston Massacre. Great people like John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington respond to this with the Boston Tea Party, The Declaration of Independence, and the victory of the Battle of Yorktown. Now that these great people have earned respect and can now call this land home, they must set down the laws of the land. The first ideas for
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