The Constitution Of The United States

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Abaft every country in the world is a set of rules and regulations that is the substratum for that country. A Constitution can be defined as a document that is the substratum of the country’s principles. Elements in the Constitution may contain sundry information. Which can include: how many terms a leader may serve, what rights the citizens have, how the judicial system works, etc. The United States in no different from those countries. Every constitution is different, no country has the exact constitution as another. The U.S Constitution is a four-page document detailing how to country is governed. Not only that, but the Constitution states what rights citizens gain at birth. Although the Constitution has been used to make important changes throughout U.S history, many people are still oblivious to the document, and through analyzing the Constitution citizens can see the changes the document has made on society.
The U.S Constitution is a very important document for the United States. Not only does the U.S Constitution give rudimental guidelines of our country, but also guarantees rudimental rights for citizens of the United States. Nicknamed “The Supreme Law of the Land” the Constitution can be described as the backbone of our country. However, most people of our country do not know most of the information contained in the Constitution or sometimes what the Constitution is. According to a survey conducted by ABC news, seventy percent of Americans could not name what
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