The Constitution Of The United States Essay

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September seventeenth has been declared Constitution Day to commemorate the signing of the longest lasting document of law in the United States. The Constitution of the United States of America is referred to as the ‘supreme law of the land.’ Although it was signed in 1787, the Constitution is still relevant in this current time. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the definitions and regulations of the three branches of government are defined in this document, and the Bill of Rights and the amendments added to the end of the Constitution provide a general outline of what rights citizens of the U.S have. The Constitution is the basis and law of the United States government and remains the most important U.S document because of this. The Constitution is the foundation of the United States and its government, outlining and limiting the powers that the president, Supreme Court, and the legislative branch have. When created, the founding fathers of the United States knew that humans were imperfect. Humans being imperfect and put in positions of great power could end in chaos so this document ensured that the powers held by the people in government would be limited to an extent. And because we still, today, wish to limit the power of the government so that individual rights are not violated, the Constitution remains constant in more ways than one. We need a government strong enough to have power to rule but not so strong that they have the final say.

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