The Constitution Of The United States

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The Constitution is the basis of law in The United States and has been since it was written in 1789. Since then it has been amended 27 times with the first ten amendments collectively known as the Bill of Rights. The US Constitution was preceded by the Articles of Confederation and supported by the Federalist Papers which we will touch more on later. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson all wrote or influenced The Constitution in a very important way. Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist Representative from New York who has been credited with the initial ideology expressed in The Constitution. James Madison, a federalist, along with Alexander Hamilton was a contributor to the federalist papers and is widely considered to be the father of the Constitution. Madison is also credited with the conception of the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were both on diplomatic missions in Europe when the final copy was signed, therefore, neither of their names appear in the Constitution. All these great men convened in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1787 to create a document that would change history forever. There are six basic principles on which the Constitution was founded. Popular sovereignty is a doctrine in which government is created and subject to the will of the people. Limited government means the government only has as much power as the people are willing to give them. Separation of powers
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