The Constitution Of The United States

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Emily Alexander
Pima Community College
March 9, 2015
The Constitution of the United States

After gaining independence from Britain, America was faced with the challenge of creating a new government for the people of the American colonies. The Founding Fathers first created the Articles of Confederation but after much criticism the Founding Fathers met again and created the Constitution of the United States. The Founding Fathers wanted to form a government that was unlike the British government they broke away from. They set up a government that had checks and balances so that one government branch would not grow too powerful and take over. A federal government and state governments were establish to satisfy the needs of both Federalist and Anti-Federalist. Although, the constitution is imperfect, the Constitution of the United States is the framework of American government today. The Founding Fathers could not predict the problems of the future; knowing this they created a way for the Constitution to be amended. Amendments have been made to the constitution making the constitution a more democratic document. The issues facing the constitution and its history are prevalent in today’s society. These issues however, did not change the major effect that the Constitution had and still has over the government of the United States. The Constitution was drafted in a way that protects the country from having an overpowering government and still allows for the…
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