The Constitution Set The Ground Work For The Federal Government

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The Constitution set the ground work for the federal government and the three branches government it is divided into. The philosophy behind the Constitution was create a government that was not too weak and not too strong but had equal power. The legislative, executive and judicial branches all serve a different purpose but play a very important role in the US government. The Judicial branch is the most important branch of government as it has the power to overrule unconstitutional laws and evaluate the laws put into place by Congress. My thesis is that the Judicial branch of government is the most powerful because it directly correlates to the framing of the Constitution. The principles of the Constitution are based on sharing of…show more content…
Thus, making the Judicial branch the most powerful. The enumerated powers are specific powers in Article one section eight of the US Constitution that provides an outline of the limitations of the Congress and Federal government. The powers stated in the Constitution for Congress include; the power to lay and collect taxes, borrow money on the credit of the US, regulate commerce with foreign nations etc.(pp.186). This issuance of delegated powers was established to limit the federal governments control of the people. The necessary and proper clause/ elastic clause was supplementary to guarantee that the government had the approval to deal with any important matters in implementing the other enumerated powers as they came about (pp.186). The founders of the Constitution were aware that it would be a daunting task to mention every power that the government would need as America advanced. This in turn brought about the Necessary and Proper clause at the end of the enumerated powers list (pp.186). The elastic clause essentially gives the government the opportunity to expand further than its outlined authority. Implied powers is the ability of Congress to pass the laws to implement the enumerated powers specific to the federal government (pp.81). Although these implied powers are not addressed in the Constitution they are presumed to be in place if deemed necessary. The main difference between the enumerated powers and
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