The Constitution: The Importance Of Service To The United States

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When a group of 55 delegates came together in 1787 to construct a new form of government little did they know what they would set in motion. The Unites States government that we all know today would be born in the months to follow at the Philadelphia State House where just 11 years earlier the Declaration of Independence was signed. The United States Constitution stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise. It has allowed many people throughout history to create better lives for their selves and their families by guaranteeing their rights to be Americans. This is our living, breathing Constitution that has been able to change when need be, and it is our service to our country to promote the values that it instills to us to the world.…show more content…
Many people today might look at the government as being an evil overlord that only wishes to hurt its citizens, but in reality the government is setup to help its people by any means necessary. That is why service to your country is crucial if people want to be able to change what is wrong with our government. Service to your country can be anything from voicing your opinions at a town hall meeting to taking a government
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