The Constitutional Convention Of The United States Essay

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After the colonies had seceded from Britain they realized that the lack of a strong central government created a United States that was not so “united”. As described in a Brilliant Solution, by Carol Berkin, the problems derived from the Articles of Confederation required a resolution that no one would have ever imaged. That solution would be the Constitutional Convention, taking place from May to September of 1787 in Philadelphia. This convention would result in our Constitution, the living, breathing, vital document we still use to this day. Throughout its early years, America didn’t have many rules that it was governed by. Henry Knox once declared, “Our present federal government is a name, a shadow, without power, or effect.” Under the rules of the Articles of Confederation, the government could declare war, conduct foreign affairs, and make treaties; however, the states held the majority of power and were treated like countries. With that in mind, bills couldn’t be passed because, with no executive or judicial branch, congress couldn’t levy taxes and required the consent of the states to pass the aforementioned bills. Since the government was weak, it was easy for the British to overpower them. Eventually, people realized how wrong the Articles were, and each state sent their own delegates to a convention that was soon to begin in Philadelphia in order to fix its problems. The 55 men invited to the Convention were not gods, but they were far from ordinary; most of the
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