The Constitutional Convention held in 1787 was a major step in America’s foundation. The

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The Constitutional Convention held in 1787 was a major step in America’s foundation. The compromises reached at this important meeting would end up shaping the country into what it is today. The Constitutional Convention was created in order the correct the Articles of Confederation which were deeply flawed. The meeting included the important founding fathers ranging from George Washington to Benjamin Franklin. After careful thought, the Articles of Confederation were soon scrapped and the delegates at the meeting began to create an entirely new government system. However, some states had their own private agendas. Different regions wanted different things and it reflected their ideals through their plans. This made coming to a compromise…show more content…
Socially and economically, the biggest and most controversial issue in the states was slavery. The Southern states relied heavily on slavery for their plantations and also wanted them involved in the state census. This became a problem to the Northern states because slavery was big in the South, but not the North. If slaves did become part of a population count, it would make the Southern states have more power in the government. As shown here, it is very easy to see how America has become divided into two halves when it comes to economic and political gain. In a sense, this debate was almost foreshadowing the Civil War. The South was extremely selfish as they themselves considered slaves almost less than human, but when it came to gaining power, they were ready to have the slaves counted. The 3/5th Compromise was a great solution to the slave issue. The 3/5ths Compromise stated that for every five slaves in a state, three of them would be counted towards the population and also towards taxation. Trade was a huge issue in America during this time. The Southern states which relied on tobacco and cotton plantations ran by slaves feared that the federal government would one day choose to ban slavery rendering their means of making money obsolete. Not only that, but the south also feared taxes on their exports. This led to the southern states wanting state regulation of trade rather than having federal trade. The Northern states at this point had
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