The Constitutional Federalism Of Canada

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Canada as a country was founded on the constitutional premise of federalism, a governmental system in which the federal and provincial governments are equal and separate entities together in political coalition. Quebec joined Confederation in 1867 on the constitutional promise of equality. French-speaking Canadians were assured provincial control of their social programs, health, and education. The premise of shared sovereignty acknowledged the variation between distinct peoples in Canada and their particular political culture’s. On May 14th, 1980 former Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Elliott Trudeau delivered his final speech in his campaign against former Quebec Premier, Rene Levesque’s referendum on separation from Canada.…show more content…
Former Prime Minister Trudeau cleverly disguised the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a heroic constitutional amendment providing universal individual and minority rights, in order to effectively cloak the embedded attack on Quebec-Nationalism, through the Charter of Rights and Freedoms assimilative properties. Further, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms lacked recognition and consideration in regard to Quebec’s expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of federalism in Canada. The issues were the absence of recognition for Quebec as a distinct society within Canada, the consolidation and centralization of greater power to the federal government, and the lessening of powers held by the provincial government. Trudeau Sr.’s personal disdain for Quebec nationalism and his attempts to extinguish it, caused him to overlook the reality of Quebec 's political culture, and the impossibility of transforming a society through change to the constitution. Following Trudeau’s attempts at constitutional reform in Canada, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservatives would attempt reconciliation to mend Quebec Canada relations. Ultimately ending in failure leading to greater French unrest in Canada. This essay will demonstrate the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as a falsely conceived strategy to remediate Quebec-Canada (French-English) relations, and scale the damage to the
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