The Constitutional Framers Did Not Be A Bill Of Rights

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Originally the Constitutional framers did not include a list of specific liberties. These liberties later would become a Bill of Rights. Many of the founding fathers did not believe it was necessary to spell out these individual liberties because they felt that the U.S. Constitution already made it clear what the limits on the government’s powers were. Soon it would become more evident that the Constitution didn’t go far enough in addressing the issue of national power. As the ratification debates began, numerous issues arose. The framers realized the pressing need for a specific Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson was one of the main proponents of a document that spelled out the liberties of the individual. Many of the states would not vote for the Constitution because it omitted a specific Bill of Rights. Seven of the first eleven state constitutions contained a list of individual liberties. The issue took precedent. Especially considering colonists had just fought for their independence from an oppressive British government that failed to acknowledge the rights of the individual. (Janda, Berry, & Goldman, 2012) The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, an amendment is the two stage process by which the Constitution can be amended. The framers made it extremely difficult to amend the Constitution for good reason. For an amendment to be ratified it requires extraordinary majorities, two-thirds and three-fourths. The framers intended for only the most
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