The Constitutional Protection Of Women

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INTRODUCTION: Women enjoy a unique position in every society and country of the world. Despite their contributions in all spheres of life, they suffer in silence and form a class which is in a disadvantaged position because of several impediments. India presents a complicated situation so far as the status of women in the country is concerned. The context of a traditionally male-dominated, patriarchal society, the foresight of the pragmatic framers of the Constitution of the country led to the inclusion of equal socio-economic and political rights for women. However, gender inequality persists despite robust growth and progress of the country. The Paper presents an understanding of the various facets of the protection of women under Constitution that guarantees women an equal space free from all discrimination. The various Constitutional protection to women in India have been discussed herein alongwith relevant case laws. 1. PREAMBLE : It contains the quintessence of the Constitution and reflects the ideals and aspirations of the people. It begins by saying that “We, the people of India, give to ourselves the Constituition…”.The source is thus traced to the PEOPLE which includes women of India, irrespective of caste, religion, or sex. The Preamble contains the goal of equality of status and opportunity to all citizens. This has been incorporated to give equal rights to women and men in terms of status and opportunity. 2. ARTICLE 14 : – The Constitution

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