The Constitutionality Of Capital Punishment Essay

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Justifiable Murder
One of the longest ongoing ethical conflicts in political history is the idea of ending one’s life for the sake of justice. It has stood the test of time over gun control, church and state, or even abortion. Consequently, being an issue of controversy is will most likely not be resolved any time in the near future. Many issues contribute to why there is such diversity. Most controversial subjects are brought into the light after something happening that relates to it. Capital punishment is one issue that, for the most part, is always a topic of interest. There are many extremists on each side of the argument, and there are also many issues that make up this debate. The constitutionality of capital punishment is one of the most debated issues. It’s a question of ethics and of its effectiveness.
Execution has been a popular way to deal with crime almost since the beginning of time. Most countries carried out death sentences through disturbing ways such as crucifixion, disembowelment, beheading, burying alive, burning, drowning, or being thrown into a den of wild animals (Godlman 15). The first written law concerning execution was established in the eighteenth century by the Cod of King Hammurabi of Babylon which justified executions for more than twenty different misdemeanors. And in the 17th century execution was declared the only available punishment for any crime. It was not a popular concept to think badly of executions, it was a social norm. In fact,
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