The Construct Emotional Intelligence

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Chapter I
The construct emotional intelligence refers to the extent to which individuals deal effectively with their own as well as of others emotions. There has been a tremendous amount of popular and academic interest in emotional intelligence, probably because of the idea or of the scientific findings that emotions are considered to be the important determinant for successful performance in various domains of life including health, leadership, workplace, academic performance, life satisfaction and on many other psychosocial factors and well being.
The question of relationship between age and Emotional intelligence has profound implications for academics and organisations as the literature and workforce gets older. The findings
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Thus, EI can be consider as a type of social intelligence since it has been defined in a very broader way the point where EI gets more clearly distinguished from general or social intelligence as it involves wider aspects of emotions and emotional content.
Gardner (1983) theory of multiple intelligence contains two concepts as interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. “Interpersonal intelligence denotes a person’s capacity to understand the intentions, motivations, and desires of other people and, consequently, to work effectively with others” and, “intrapersonal intelligence involves the capacity to understand oneself, to have an effective working model of oneself including one’s own desires, fears, and capacities and to use such information effectively in regulating one’s own life”.
Thus, it seems quite relevant that the existed concepts of different theories, philosophical quotes and clinical concepts had laid down the foundation and provided a compatible backdrop for considering emotional intelligence as a viable
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