The Construction Industry Has A Huge Impact On The Environment Essay

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Voluntarily or involuntarily, the construction industry has a huge impact on the environment. It is estimated that the construction industry in the United States consumes about 39% of the total energy and 72% of the electricity produced within the country (Kansal and Kadambari 2010). Also as projected by Ashuri et al. (2011) the CO2 emissions from buildings will grow faster over the next 25 years, if the construction business continues as usual. Apart from the construction activities which consume a lot of energy, most of the energy consumption also occurs during the operational phase of these buildings (Menassa 2011). Hence, building operational energy consumption plays a very important role in the long run. Also it has a tremendous effect on the overall costs of the building (Gasic et al. 2012). In a world of sustainability, energy efficiency is considered as one of the least costly and most effective tools to reduce carbon emissions and global warming (Jafari and Valentin 2016). Retrofitting the old buildings is one of the cheapest solutions to move towards energy efficiency, which reduces the existing problem of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (Calì et al. 2011). The objective of this research is to introduce an approach for evaluating the most lucrative point for both owners and the environment in retrofitting institutional buildings by analyzing the data collected in real retrofitting case studies. Firstly, a detailed analysis of the buildings is

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