The Construction Industry Needs Tools And Techniques For Land Use, Economic Development, And Environment Planning

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The construction industry needs tools and techniques for land use, economic development, and environment planning to cope with development in various locations. This is achieved by the effective project management. Construction industry has been faced by so many issues which needed urgent attention. They include time and cost overruns due to poor implementation planning, inadequate project formulation, lack of contract planning and management and lack of proper management at the period of execution. Results from research showed that a project average cost is increased by 30% compared to the cost budgeted for that project. Observations show that appropriate management skill is important for completing project on-time within
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Comparing the planned progress of the project against the actual progress is been done by the use of Primavera Risk Analysis 8.7, a project management risk analysis software. This PM software is a comprehensive and an integrated package that provides project applications for timesheets, resource management, expense reporting, costing for job, time reporting etc. Benefits of PM Software are budgeting and control cost, scheduling of project, communication, WBS, risk management, reporting, and information updated faster and greater information accuracy. Recommendation on how to maximise learning within and between projects are also provided.

2.0.1 What is a Project?
Projects can be termed as every activity within an organization that got unique features and several levels of importance to the organization. It can also be seen as a planned undertaking of activities that are related to achieve its objectives having a beginning and an end (Hoffer et al. 2002).The end of a project is defined by the successful completion and delivery of project. In general, project is the planning, coordinating of activities and resources and execution which is the management.

Adams (1997) stated that every project has a characteristic of solving problems, but also may be established simply to define and express possible solutions to problems. He listed seven primary features of a project as:

Figure 1: Features of PM
Source: Adams
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