The Construction Industry

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INTRODUCTION The construction industry like many other industries has changed and evolved with time. It is the fourth largest contributor to Australia’s GDP and has played a major role in determining economic growth of the country. In terms of employment, the industry has employed 9% of the Australian workforce making it the fourth largest industry (ABS data). The industry caters to both the public and private sectors. The type of construction can broadly be classified into three categories; residential, commercial and engineering construction. The demand and supply for these activities is driven by a number of factors such as population growth, changes to interest rates, inflation, income, government policies, availability of…show more content…
Keeping all this in mind, builders have to work alongside clients to satisfy their project needs. Projects are also being built quicker because of the demand to occupy them instantly. In the past, skills were more manual based. With the increasing use of technology in the industry, the demand for technology based skills have greatly improved along with manual based skills. There is an increasing need for qualified personnel who understand the industry and can bring changes within. The future of our industry lies in how best we can integrate and communicate all our work with various stakeholders to manage a project efficiently. This has given rise to an area called construction informatics where a significant amount of research is being done. The area deals with a range of subjects from integration to interoperability and from knowledge mining to strategic management. This area came into existence from two fields. The first was the use of computers to design and carry out time and cost calculations. The other was for computers to categorize and store essential information. Currently, integration, interoperability, innovation along with strategic management of Information and Communication Technologies are the key areas of research of construction informatics (Isikdag 2009). The area of informatics has been around for many years. In Australia, we see the larger companies implementing these systems to a greater extent. As
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