The Construction Industry

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Construction industry has long been criticized for its poor performance. After major reports such as Latham (1994) and Egan (1998), major studies are carried out in different procurement routes, management system and technique and construction method. Beyond these, it has been suggested, that ‘softer’ factors such as organisational culture also have a significant impact on performance (Nicolini, 2002). The concept of organisation culture is a popular part of general management since early 1980s. But in construction industry with its project based environment, innovative procurement and business practices such as partnering, lean construction and internationalisation of procurement, potential impact of culture even more pronounced than…show more content…
This assertion is presented by various academics who have examined the same on construction. Ankrah and Langford (2005) studies at project level and organisation level, for instance, asserted that, conflict can occur at the interface level between the architect and contractor because of specific cultural characteristics and orientations. Further he states that, awareness of the likelihood difference may improve the overall project performance.
Furthermore, Zhang and Anita (2006) studies on national level, argued that there is significant relationship between work performance and different culture profiles of construction enterprise. Similarly, Koh et al. (2008) studied the implementation of total quality management (TQM) in different organisational culture profile and recommended the possible implementation strategies based on different organisational culture orientation.
Moreover, in a cross culture studies at International level, Low et al., (2002) presented a study on Singaporean construction firm working in China, which showed that mismanaging cultural differences rendered otherwise successful managers and organisations ineffective and frustrated when working across cultures. According to Ping Chen et al. (2004), effects of culture on transfer and implementation of management philosophies in a cross culture project is not always
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