The Construction Of 1km Tall Kingdom Tower Of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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Executive Summary

Skyscrapers are continuously increasing in height as new technologies provide solutions to unique problems that arise as a building grows. Technological advances have given rise to categories of towers such as ‘super talls’ (defined as buildings of over 300 metres) and ‘mega talls’ (over 600 metres). The tallest building currently is the Burj Khalifa at 829.8m (Schmidt, 2013) however this will not be the case for long, as the construction of 1km tall Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is already underway.
With the world’s natural resources in extremely short supply, it is of incredibly high importance that we use them in the most efficient way possible, therefore significant consideration must be given to how we use them, whether this be for huge towers or otherwise.
On top of the issue above, there is an annual increase in population of nearly 76,000,000 (, 2016) and the world’s urban population is also on the increase; expected to be at 70% of the planet’s population by 2050 (Berg, 2016).
The next milestone height to be reached by a building is one mile. It is suggested the we certainly could build as high as this (Berg, 2016), but whether we should is a bit more difficult to answer.
In this report, I aim to assess the benefits, drawbacks and design considerations of these enormous structures before providing an opinion on whether I believe they should or should not be built.


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