The Construction Of A Construction Project Manager

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The Construction Conundrum – or, Why You Should Not Think Twice About Retaining a Construction Project Manager So you are thinking about embarking on a construction project. Perhaps you have started one and realize that the weeds quickly grow thick and deep in trying to self-manage a project. You are in good company. The US construction industry is in rude health. Final figures for 2016 are expected to show a 6% growth compared with 2015, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. This values the construction industry at $712 billion. Texas is leading the charge in construction, as it is most everywhere. For example, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area welcomed $17.8 billion in new project starts in 2015, 19% more (in dollar terms) than…show more content…
They manage the project so it finishes on time and on budget, and that their team completes it according to building codes, plans, and specs. Other functions can include specifying scope, budget, and schedules, selecting subcontractors and workers, developing communication strategy for resolving conflicts, and more. Barry P. Lepatner, author of, Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets: How to Fix America 's Trillion-Dollar Construction Industry leaves us in no doubt as to the need for a CPM, …the owner will be required to make thousands of decisions’ and is likely ‘not sufficiently versed’ to make complex technical and financial judgements. In this case, Lepatner suggests, retaining and owner’s representative becomes imperative. BENEFITS OF RETAINING A CPM As Lepatner describes, above, the scope of a construction project is vast. Details and tasks are countless and it often feels like they multiply minute on minute. To get the greatest benefit you need to hire a CPM as early in the project as possible. This will enable them to help improve your budgeting and scheduling, two areas reported to benefit most from retaining a CPM. Your CPM will understand scheduling and budgeting in detail. They will use a range of software and other technology to monitor every aspect of the project and quickly account for changes in the process. They can make instant adjustments to keep everything moving forward. In short, a good CPM is like the glue holding your
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