The Construction Of A Multimillion Dollar Chapel And Community Center On E

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I thought very carefully about what religion I would pick for the final project. What eventually motivated me to choose the Church of Scientology is the construction of a multimillion-dollar chapel and community center on E. 125th St, which is very close to my community. This is a strategic attempt to expand the Church of Scientology’s base from more affluent areas to urban areas with younger people.
Whenever I come home from Marist I have to take the Bx15 bus at 125th street to get across the river to the Bronx. My commute takes me right passed the new Church of Scientology building and community center. The construction site fascinated me, every time my bus drove past it I wondered what was the purpose of the Church of Scientology. I
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Initially Dianetics developed as a self-help system, subsequently Hubbard established his ideas into a wide-ranging set of principles and rituals as part of a new religious movement that he called Scientology. By August 1950, Hubbard 's book had sold 55,000 copies, was selling at the rate of 4,000 a week and was being translated into French, German and Japanese.

An important segment of Dianetics is auditing which is defined as, “the application of Dianetics or Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor. One formal definition of auditing is: The action of asking a person a question, getting an answer to that question and acknowledging him for that answer.” Auditing in the framework of Dianetics or Scientology, an activity where a person trained in auditing listens and gives auditing commands to a subject, who is referred to as a "pre-clear", or more usually as a "pc". Auditing sessions are confidential, the notes taken by the auditor during auditing sessions, and kept in the "pc folder". Auditing involves the use of "processes," which are sets of questions asked or instructions given by an auditor. When the specific objective of any one process is accomplished, the process is concluded and another can then be used. By doing this, the “pc” are said to be able to free themselves from unwanted barriers that inhibit their natural abilities like fear, grieving or
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