The Construction Of Road : The Construction Of The Road

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According to some people, construction of the road did not involve community surrounding the road location. Furthermore, in the community’s view the road has been claimed as road owned by MHPP. It was indicated that during the construction of road to RT 07, Tirta Daya MHPP Company refused construction materials to be placed on the road around the MHPP location. The reason is due to the road has become the company's road and it will disrupt the operation of Tirta Daya MHPP. This causes some people to view that the attitude of MHPP to the community is very arrogant and keepthe distance. But on the other hand, according to a community leader who "guarded" the MHPP, he stated that some people around the project site are not very grateful. The…show more content…
Besides the RT 07 has been lit up due to have been electrified, it has also been able to be passed by motorcycle and car to the location up to the gate of MHPP. . 3. River and Water The Sayang Sayang Village is passed by two rivers namely Sesaot and Jangkok Rivers. The rivers are tipped in the Sesaot Village. The water flows relatively swift with visible riverbed. Many people use the river water for daily activities such as: a. Bathing b. MCK (a place for bathing, washing and serving as lavatory) c. Washing clothes d. Washing vegetables, e. Washing dishes, f. Bathing cattle, g. Soaking and swimming for children, h. Fishing, i. Paddy field Irrigation, j. Drinking water needs. For the purposes of the kitchen and drinking water, residents obtained water from PAM (Water Supply Establishment). Nevertheless, the PAM water is often turned off. This is one of reasons why the people prefer to bathe into the river, eventhough the river water is brown and dirty. Water PAM Several activities in the river above are still performed until today such as bathing, MCK, swimming and soaking, washing livestock, and fishing. However, during the dry season the water in the river becomes very low tide. Even being a pool of stagnant water in the river located near the flood gate in the middle of the village. The river water flow near the flood gate is a stream that has been deflected to the left as on the right side the flows

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