The Construction Of The Alaskan Highway

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The Construction of The Alaskan Highway started in Lieu of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Originally, the initial construction was to start February 1942, however finding the right crew to construct such a highway was more difficult than originally anticipated. In March 1942, the first blades dug into the ground. This was a very daunting task; a task that only the US Army Corps of Engineers could handle. Through some of the toughest and most desolate wilderness this country has to offer. Through freezing temperatures to swamp like conditions the Engineers prevailed, The Alaskan Highway was built. It was not without its many difficulties, additional missions added to the already daunting task, trial and error situations, and…show more content…
Over 1,600 miles of roadway through the most rugged country and severe weather conditions anyone has been in. The highway was to be used as a supply route and establish airfields incase Japan decided to attack from the north. But, in true American fashion the roadway was completed in a timely manner and is now known as the Alaskan Highway. With the controversy of the project, the rugged terrain and weather all factoring into the building of this highway. The President enlisted in the Army Engineers to complete such a task. In February 1942 Alpha Company who fell under the 648th Engineer Topographic Battalion out of Camp Claibourne, Louisiana was tasked to complete the overlay for the road and locating the proper location for the route. They were one of eleven units who were assigned the complete the Highway. This posed to be more difficult that what was originally planned. “Men will have to fight swamps, rivers, ice and cold. Mosquitos, flies, gnats will not only be annoying, but will cause bodily harm” (Lloyd, 1992). With Alpha Company finalizing the overlay using some roads and animal trails already established, the route was planned. Trying to find the right personnel proved difficult with the majority of the Soldiers already overseas fight in the war. The 95th Engineers who fell under the 340th Engineer Regiment was 1 of 3 African American Regiments was assigned to complete the Highway. “ Thousands of black soldiers who, unwanted by their own
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