The Construction Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The construction of the criminal justice system composes of various agencies with explicit procedures to control and diminish crimes accompanied by, implementing penalties on those in violation of the laws. The criminal justice system was not as complex and intricate prior to the American Revolution which focused primarily on punishment and retribution rather than deterrence. Beginning with the founding of our Country, creation of the United States Constitution, our government has created substantial amounts of legislative materials, including, laws and regulations, to ensure due process and minimize criminal acts and behaviors. Our government has looked to all the local and state officials, in joining forces to reduce crime in our states and cities. Traditional policing continues to be the norm, in spite of this, law enforcement agencies have adopted additional effective strategies and approaches, relating to curtailing criminal acts before there are committed.
Law enforcement agencies have relied upon criminologists, criminal analysts and the public, to further advance their initiative of controlling crime. A variety of law enforcement agencies has organized elite or special units within their agencies tailored specifically towards the reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life within their community. Certainly, the strategies law enforcement agencies utilize across the United States vary—significantly. During my research, I uncovered strategies which exhibited vast
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