The Construction Of The Twin Towers

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The Construction of the Twin Towers Foundation system In the beginning of the project, the surveying team discovered a steep limestone cliff beneath the surface of the original site for the Petronas Twin Towers.This would cause failure to the foundation resulting on a higher cost and the need for exceptional experts to build the foundation as planned. It alarmed the whole construction team to come up with a whole new strategy to overcome the problem which ended up with the movement of the building site 60 meters to the south-east away from its original footprint which was located on the busy intersection of Jalan Ramlee and Jalan Ampang. The new location would mean that the buildings would sit on a concrete mat anchored to soil, rather than bedrock with the aid of concrete friction piles.All 208 piles are constructed above the limestone, relying largely on just surface friction of the stiff sandy layer consists of sedimentary rock and sand known as the ‘Kenny Hill’ formation[ Cited from MRT NEWS • VOL 2 • ISSUE 1]. Due to the height and weight of both towers (the use of concrete as the chosen material add up to weight), a deep foundation of underground forest of friction piles providing greater distribution of the towers’ weight was needed making it the world’s largest foundation that is 120 meters (approx. 400 ft) deep creating a forest of concrete footings.The depth of the foundation is equivalent to five-storey building. ‘The 300,000-metric-ton…

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