The Construction Process Of Gender

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How gender is constructed in gyms

Gender, as a basic classification of human beings has attracted much more attention than before because it played an essential role in the process that feminists fight for women 's equality in the society. Scholars have proposed numerous theories from various dimensions. The relationship of organizations and gender is one of popular dimension in academic researches. Because the organization is "an area in which widely disseminated cultural images of gender are invented and reproduced"(Acker, 1990). Therefore, organizations are typical places where gender is constructed. Analysis of the construction process of gender in the organization will reflect how the public understand the concept of gender, and will reveal the relationship between male and female in modern society.

This essay will choose two organizations as cases to analyse the construction process of gender, through which argues that gender is social constructed, based on biological sex. However, binary understanding of gender may produce gender stereotypes, which has negative influence on individuals and the society. Therefore, the tightly link between gender and biological sex should be loosed up. In the first part of this essay will define what is gender in academic. Afterwards, analysis of how gender is constructed in selected organizations will follow, At last, this essay will evaluate the construction process of gender. Definition

"gender", as a noun to
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