The Construction and Development of the Pentagon

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The construction and development of the Pentagon When the construction of the Pentagon was first embarked upon, the United States had no Defense Department or State Department, only a War Department. However, with the increased technological complexity of modern warfare and the need to fight yet another world war on multiple fronts, the United States existing military infrastructure was growing rapidly outdated. "The War Department in Washington was growing at an explosive rate, its 24,000 workers spread in 17 buildings, including apartment buildings, private homes and several rented garages" (Building the Pentagon , 2012, Huffington Post). The main architects commissioned by the Pentagon were George Edwin Bergstrom and David J. Witmer (Vogel 2007:5). The planned construction of the Pentagon was embarked upon in 1941. "Three weeks earlier, Adolf Hitler, already in control of much of Europe, had launched a surprise attack on the Soviet Union. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, alarmed by Nazi gains, had declared a national emergency on May 27" (Vogel 2007:1). The War Department needed expanded facilities to house the personnel who were then currently involved in fighting World War II and more integrated and coordinated efforts of existing personnel. It was estimated that the efficiency of the War Department would increase up to 40 percent by housing everyone under a single roof (Vogel 2007:2). The size and now famous shape of the Pentagon was designed to create an
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