The Constructs Of Teacher Leadership

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In their text, Liberman and Miller (2004) addressed the constructs of teacher leadership in three themes from prior research: individual teacher leader roles and organizational realities, learning in practice, and teacher leadership and reshaping school culture. Some of the research studies corresponded with many of my experiences as an emerging music teacher and leader at a tough school placement. In the cultivation of teacher leadership roles, it is important that a teacher is able to build trust and rapport among administration and fellow colleagues, making organizational diagnosis, using using resources effectively, and ultimately have support to alter school culture for the better and to help establish teacher identity (Miles, Saxl, & Liberman, 1988; Smylie & Denny, 1990; Wasley, 1991). In my first two years, I felt very confident in my abilities to develop my skills by way of the veteran teachers at my school who led by example through classroom management skills and showing me better ways to make my lessons more relevant to my students. I remember my mentor teacher pulling me aside and stating that I must expose my students to music that wasn 't always written by dead people; start with what they know and go from there! When I started making such changes in my instructional approaches, it helped establish connections and collaborations with my fellow teachers and invested students; thus influencing aspects of my leadership style. Much of which echoed Miller and
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