The Consultative Sales Process Guide

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Essay Question # 2:
The consultative sales process guide is a process used to think of a sales presentation to create value added to the product or service. This includes need discovery, selection of the solution, need satisfaction through informing, persuading and reminding, and servicing the sale. According to Manning, need discovery aids salespeople in creating value, meet the needs of customers, and execute the firms’ commitment by reviewing behaviors of successful salespeople (230). Need discovery is a problem-solving tool that avoids customer complaints and promotes return customers.
Need discovery is the first step in the sales presentation by asking client questions and surveying potential customers to see if they are the right fit for the company, and the time it takes to establish this entirely depends on the situation (Manning 230, 2012). Need discovery adds value, by beginning with preparation on behalf of the salesperson where they “qualify the prospect” (Manning 231, 2012). After consideration, salespeople start up a two-way conversation with the potential client, helping clients realize their problems that they did not know they had before.
The next step is the selection of the solution, where salespeople customize solutions based on a client’s particular problem, because no two problems are the same. In this step, salespeople throw out suggestions and recommendations to the client, where they will satisfy the customer, therefore salespeople must be a…
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