The Consumer Attitudes Towards Brands Essay

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However, few recent reports issued by the business press revealed that there are declining returns attached with involving celebrities in advertising campaigns. For instance, the demands for remunerations by celebrities are rising with many celebrities endorse several brands at the same time and may at times, shift their endorsement to competing brands. The recent negative publicity generated by some celebrities increase the risk of negative returns; however, since the use of celebrities for brand promotion is constantly practiced by sponsors, it depicts the wide-scale belief that the estimated incremental monetary gain from celeb-endorsements surpasses the original cost of such contracts.It is surprising to discover that little research has been done to explore the consumer attitudes towards brands which are celebrity endorsed. However, the findings of various investigative studies aimed at determining the effects of celebrity endorsement imply certain traits of consumer attitudes in relation to celebrity endorsed brands. In the field of advertising which is characterised by intense competition, it is pertinent for brand promoters to adopt every possible measure to motivate and create a desire to acquire their commodityTherefore, critical thinking to evoking desired responses from consumers is within the right choice of celebrity. The decision for celebrity selection should be based on his/ her high recognition, potential to make a positive effect and appropriateness in
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