The Consumer Behavior For My Target Market

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This paper will introduce Denise’s Scraping with Style (DSS) branding strategy. First, this paper will introduce DSS’ brand name, logo, slogan, and one brand extension. Next, it will assemble a marketing strategy and associated time table to implement the marketing plan. Further, this paper will present a positioning statement, including a perceptual map that shows my company’s position against my competitors. This paper will examine the consumer behavior for my target market, and explain the reasons the brand name, logo, slogan, brand extension, as well as positioning statement and marketing strategy are right for this targeted market. Finally, this paper will develop my company’s mission statement and company introduction.
Denise’s Scraping with Style Branding Strategy
Denise’s Scraping with Style (DSS) company requires a branding strategy to attract the best customers to its products. According to Gunelius, a branding strategy is brand strategy is a long-term blueprint for the development of an effective brand to achieve specific DSS marketing goals. A well-defined and implemented branding strategy touches all aspects of my company, and is directly associated to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments (n.d. para 1). The goals for my company revolve around attracting new customers to a creative and successful scrapbook company. Hence our branding strategy will reflect these goals.
Basically, DSS’s branding strategy is our promise to…
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