The Consumer Buying Decision Process

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Supply and demand is the amount of a commodity, which determines how consumers and suppliers interact with each other. Supply can mean a stock of a resource which a person or place can provide. Demand is known for needs or costumer’s desires. Supply and demand model can help the people analyze what their country is facing at the moment. However, for supply and demand, you need to determine three things, buyer’s behavior, seller’s behavior, and how buyers and sellers actions affect price and quantity. There are six stages of the consumer buying decision process. The first step of consumer buying process is need recognition. Problem recognition is the difference between the desired state and actual condition. At that point consumers are confused between their emotions. It becomes a functional or emotional need. For example, restaurants show commercials that provoke viewers to connect the need for food. The commercial has great ambience, tasty food, and nothing but smiles on the faces of the customers. Shoe commercials can convince the audience as well. For example, the buyer sees his favorite athlete in the advertisement; it stimulates his or her recognition that they need the shoes.
If the consumer realizes a need is exist, they began to contemplate options on essential criteria. The second step is information search, the audience may use external or internal search to determine their need. If a consumer has a successful search that leaves the buyer evoked. It gives him…
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