The Consumer Culture Final Project

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Consumer Culture Final Project
This semester having to track all of my buying has been very helpful and eye opening. I was able to break down all of my buying into 8 categories; clothes, food (groceries), food (restaurants), entertainment, gas, gym, miscellaneous, and school. I was able to conclude that most of my purchases were paid with a debit card with the exception of my school payments. Most of my purchases were in store with the exception of a few purchases online. The majority of my purchases were wants and not necessities, and after doing this project throughout the semester I have a lot of unnecessary buying. This paper is a reflection of all of my buying.
This graph is a visual of the overall amount spent through the semester. Looking at the entire semester I spent a total of $5,668. I spent $308 on clothes in store and online, $459 on food in the grocery store, $562 on food in multiple restaurants and fast food, $1,049 on entertainment like my vacation and movies, $340 on gas, $177 on the gym, $123 on miscellaneous items from CVS or 7 eleven, and $2,650 on school tuition. The overall amount surprised me because I did not even think I earned this much in the semester. It makes me very uncomfortable because there is a lot of money spent on unnecessary things. For example, I spent $562 on food from restaurants. This is so highly unnecessary because I also spent $459 on groceries. The category where I spent the most money was school tuition, which is expected.
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