The Consumer Decision Making Model By Howard And Sheth

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Consumer decision making process generally involves five stages:

A. Problem Recognition

Purchase decision making process begins when a buyer becomes aware of an unsatisfied need or problem. This is the vital stage in buying decision process, because without recognizing the need or want, an individual would not seek to buy goods or service.

There are several situations that can cause problem recognition, these include:
• Depletion of stock
• Dissatisfaction with goods in stock
• Environmental Changes
• Change in Financial Situation
• Marketer Initiated Activities

It’s when a person recognizes that she cannot make a call from her mobile phone that’s when she recognizes that her phone has been damaged i.e. the phone has hardware problems
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Their typical buying situation is summarized by low-level involvement in a market that displays high levels of product differentiation. Common to this type of consumer, is “brand switching”, in order to satisfy their need for diversification.

In order to fully ascertain the effects that branding has on the consumer decision making process, the Howard-Sheth Decision-making model by Howard and Sheth (1969) is used that explains not only the process of consumer decision-making during purchasing activities, but one that facilitates the understanding of pre and post purchasing activities as well.

The model’s core assumption lies in that the key to determining behavior exhibited by consumers is to fully understand the consumer thought process. The Howard-Sheth model illustrates that cognitive decision-making is the process in which consumers mentally process information that influences his or her selection of brands.

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