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A membership service that provides unlimited access to live events.

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GiggedIn is the first to market in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region with a subscription service dedicated to live entertainment. Our members get unlimited access to attend events from a curated list of up to 100 quality events every month. We make it
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We think there’s nothing more enriching than attending a live event, whether it’s music, cinema, comedy, or some other type of experience. With this belief, we’re on a mission to make it easier for Australians to experience and discover new live entertainment each week.

Our founder came up with the concept for GiggedIn during his college days. He was frustrated that he couldn 't afford to buy tickets to all of the shows he wanted to attend each week. He also found it difficult to find the best things to do each week. These two problems raised a question: How can we make it easier and more affordable for people to go out to experience to more concerts and events in their cities?

GiggedIn is a membership service that gives members the ability to attend live events from a carefully curated list of 50+ events a month in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities soon. Events range from concerts headlined by international and local acts across all genres of music to theater, comedy, and many other live experiences. Best of all, GiggedIn gives customers unlimited access to all of these incredible events starting at only $35 a month.

Our team works with the industry’s best artists, event organizers, and venues to feature the best experiences for our members. We’re all about making it easier and more affordable for Australians to experience great shows and live events. We also exist to support Australian culture and its creators by filling up events with
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