The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Essay

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created in 2010 as a response to the financial crisis of 2008. The government agency was established by the Dodd-Frank Act which President Barack Obama passed as a means of controlling and preventing excessive risk-taking ("Wall Street Reform: The Dodd-Frank Act"). The financial crisis occurred in part because of the limited regulation of financial institutions and the wave of irresponsible mortgage lending (The Economist). Subprime borrowers with poor credit histories and insufficient funds for repaying the loans were allowed to borrow money which they could not pay back, thus in turn initiating a nationwide housing market crash (The Economist). Many of these borrowers were granted these loans because of the poor judgement of banks and financial institutions, thus the government needed to create an institution which would protect consumers against unfair and deceptive practices. The mission of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is just that-to protect consumers in the financial marketplace by enforcing federal consumer financial laws (CFPB, 2016). In order to achieve this, the bureau monitors the financial market for potential risks to consumers and supervises companies in order to uncover institutions practicing abusive and fraudulent acts. Developing laws to create a fair market place is a top priority of the bureau, as it works to enforce these rules and regulations and make them more effective. The agency also conducts
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