The Consumer Of A Consumer

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Need or problem recognition – this stage happens when the consumer recognizes they need some these, which they do not have. The consumer decision begins with the identification of the gap between the desired state and the current state. The existence of the need raises the need for decision-making. For example, the need for communication may raise the need for laptop for a consumer. The main difference between organizational decision-making is that their need and problems are larger than households, in addition, the organizational will involve a group to identify the problem or need. Information search – the consumer searches for possible information, which can aid to solving the problem of satisfying the needs. The search of the information will be related to the complexity of the needs and choices available to solve the available problem. In this, the consumer searches for both internal and external information. The consumer will search for information of the laptop, which will satisfy his or her needs. The quality, brand and cost may be some of information the consumer can search for. Advanced methods and consultation methods of researching information are used in organizations unlike in households. Alternative evaluation – the information collected provides different alternative, which the consumers have to evaluate and choose which suits him or her. The consumer will choose between the functionality of the alternatives and subjective nature. For instance, the
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