The Consumer Of Shopper Marketing

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A deep understanding to the statistics for the American consumer regarding shopper marketing is not just about what activity is in the store but about the capacity to gain an understanding from the influences right around the store brining in the new customers. Know your brand by grasping the benefits and money invested that would influence shopper’s decisions such as in a recession, the non-essentials is hit the hardest. Price is the dominant power of selection but is not the only choice. Shopper marketing is a marketing program set to approach customers inside of the brick and mortar stores. Examples of shopper marketing which could be favorable for both manufacturers and retailers are anything from a tear off tablet of sweepstakes to the integration in-store shopping phone app or even the end cap aisle display. Companies make laundry detergent knows who buys the most products, what forms they prefer, what stains they find the toughest such as Tide. Manufacturers work together with retailers on a shared strategy. Kimberly-Clark works with Target to design a new solution to celebrate mothers and their babies as they move from diapers to training pants. Target was looking to increase sales of baby clothes; they started to reconsider the layout of their stores. As a mother, I have placed a lot of weight on the transition from diapers to the right training pants. This becomes a major transition on both the mother and child. Target had stocked diapers and training
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