The Consumer Perception Of Consumer Behavior Essay

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Understanding consumer behavior is crucial to businesses and organizations. Grasping the behavior of consumers creates a broader spectrum for marketers, and enables the use of more resources to be used to better market their brand and products to consumers. In our textbook, we discuss many topics that pertain to studying consumer behavior. While the textbook is very informative regarding certain topics, it does not take a look at the many different types of consumers and how they behave around the world. The consumer perception process, the ATO model, emotions, values, and lifestyles are some of the topics that the textbook does not include the different in eastern vs. western cultures and how it affects these topics. The Consumer Perception Process is the process that a customer selects, organizes, and interprets information to create an of a company or product. There are three “stages” a consumer goes through when they view a brand or a product. The first stage is sensing. Sensing is an immediate response to a stimuli that hits one of the customer’s five senses. For example, the moment a customer enters Hollister and sees the clothes in the store and how the store smells, they are responding to a stimuli via sensing. The second stage of the consumer perception process is organizing. During the organizing phase, costumers will enter a cognitive organization process which assembles sensory memory into something recognizable. This includes categorizing possible
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