The Consumer Privacy Bill Of Rights

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Abstract Identity theft is at an all time high in America. In fact, in 2012 alone victims throughout America suffered approximately $24.7 billion in both direct and in-direct losses (DiGangi, 2013). That amount of loss nearly doubled what was accumulated in other types of theft such as burglary, property theft, and auto theft. These cases of identity theft and data breaches have became so common today that most do not even pay close attention when a new case is mentioned. However, the effort to eliminate the threat before it occurs is ever important when dealing with a phantom like enemy. Thus, the demand for an establishment and improvement of security is also at an all-time high with consumers. These same citizens bear the right and…show more content…
Existing Legislation In recent times, the American legislation has failed to focus on many of the important characteristics involved with consumer privacy protection. This is due in part to a great deal of pressure that has been placed on the government by civil rights groups, activists, and major industries. In fact, the United States and Turkey are two countries that have failed significantly with the establishment of consumer data protection (CDT, n.d.).
Prior to the Consumer’s Privacy Bill, consumer data protection in the United States was governed by unproductive mixes of laws that were applicable to prudent economic sectors that provide protection for a small division of consumer personal data in lieu of establishing a precedence of protections through one single law (CDT, n.d.). These practices alone are inadequate for technological standards of the most recent times, where Americans rely on the internet to conduct very personal business. Section five of the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC), which provides opposition to companies participating in unfair and illegal trading practice even provides a limited protection without the Consumer Privacy Bill providing stable security to consumers. However, with the establishment of the Consumer Privacy Bill of Right that single standard is established that extends protection to all data while providing grounds for regulations and laws reducing or even eliminating potential cyber attacks with enhanced
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