The Consumer Protection Act ( 1986 )

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INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT(1986) The modern era is considered to be the era of consumers. No country can ever disregard the interest of the consumers. This is best argued through the process of rapid enactment of consumer protection laws throughout the world. In addition to consumer protection acts throughout the world, one can easily find the rapidly rising rate of lawmaking for consumers in the developing countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines,Mongolia, Mauritius , China, Indonesia,Taiwan, Nepal, Malaysia and other such countries. India is not an exception to this rule. The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is an example of a milestone in the history of socio-economic legislation to protect and preserve the…show more content…
In the modern era, India is one of the six fastest growing economies of the world. The country also ranked fourth in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2001. Revolution in the field of manufactured goods along with opening the economy to the globalised market forces, has led to the intoduction of various consumer goods in the Indian market to cater to the needs of consumers along with a variety of services like banking, financing, insurance, transport, construction, entertainment etc. are being made accessable to consumers. The consumers also have assurance of proper food, clean and potable drinking water, primary health care and adequate and well constructed housing and minimum clothing. We can trace the Indian tradition of protecting consumer interest from its historical past. We can find
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