The Consumer Trends Of The Students Of Coventry University London Campus

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Introduction This empirical study looks to investigate the consumer trends of the students of Coventry University London Campus (CULC). The aim of this study is to see what the students at CULC prefer in terms of technology. Today a smartphone is able to do all the functions that a computer can normally do and with the passage of time, we see the grasp of smartphones and tablets getting firmer on our lives. According to Ahmed (1991, p.25) a clear and strong brand image of can drastically increase the confidence of the consumers and it can also convince the consumers to purchase the Smartphone/tablet. Nowadays a vital factor in the consumer buying decision is brand. Customers are more inclined towards a brand that they are familiar with as…show more content…
It helps them to better understand the customer segment that is probably the largest chunk of their market share. They understand as to what brand is preferred by students, what their age and gender is and most importantly, how much are they willing to spend on technology. This helps them to make future decisions that can be vital for the company. Alongside this, it also gives them an understanding of competition and helps them analyze how far ahead or behind the market they are and accordingly steps can be taken in the future by the company. For this study, we used surveys using and a sample of 66 students was taken altogether. This sample helps us analyze the student preference for brands and the time and money they spend on technology. Sample The survey that was conducted on was circulated to the students of CULC on 1st November 2014. The responses that we got were from 66 students and the pie-chart below shows the gender of the respondents: The chart above shows us that 68.18% of the respondents were males and the remaining 31.82% were females. Overall the responses that we got from the survey were satisfactory and they give us a reasonable representation of the student preferences for technology here at CULC. However, we must recognize that this sample is not an entire representation of the student body here at CULC. People who are familiar
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