The Consumers Want For Products

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The consumers want for products is continuing to develop to vast measures. The amount of different ingredients or packaged foods available at local grocery stores has flourished, for example, The real Canadian superstore or Walmart’s product line. Both stores have dedicated one entire isle just for chips, ranging from brand names to no names. The shelves are lined with brand name products and store (generic) name products. The choices seem like that they are expanding with our beliefs to wanting more things for whatever reason. Brand name products have been said to be the known foundational products, the original frontiers, for example Old Dutch or Lays. Over time, generic store brands have come to represent better selection, value and savings, furthermore, developments in their own areas as full-fledged brands. Chances are they are already in most consumers’ homes. It raises the question does one judge by the package? Can a package influence a person to give a higher or lower rating? Do we judge a book by its cover, or shall we say, in this case, a product by its package? That points out, that could mean people could be influenced by the visual sensory more than think it does. According to Baba Shiv, Ziv Carmon and Dan Ariely in 2005 they show that consumption of the exact same product differently impacts performance when the product is purchased at a bargain (discount) versus at regular price. The consumer believes the product is not as superior or not even…
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