The Consumption Function Of Marketing And Promotions Drive Them For Buying Unnecessary Things?

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I. Introduction Nowadays, there is always a reason to go shopping. But if there is something that can motivate us “to go shopping” are the Valentines days, the Christmas days, black Friday, July 4, television channels, social media, outlets, discount center, etc. All those strategies which catch our attention from the fundamental or basics needs. After all, people have a basement with a lot of stuff useless and a closet full of clothes and with nothing to wear (attention to girls). So why people buy unneeded things, is it caused they are compulsive buyers or is it because the marketing and promotions drive them to keep buying unnecessary things? In order to better understanding what is going to develop, according to Wikipedia it will define the following terms: Consumption: is a major concept in economics and is also studied by many other social sciences. Economists are particularly interested in the relationship between consumption and income, and therefore in economics the consumption function plays a major role Consumerism: as a social and economic order and ideology encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. Basic needs: refers to those fundamental requirements that serve as the foundation for survival. Knowing the difference between consumption and consumerism, it is important to understand that our expenses depends on basics needs and priorities. It should not be based on emotions or temporary feelings, the trends or the
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