The Consumption Of Caffeine Has Grown All Over The World

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The consumption of caffeine has grown all over the world in the past few years, and has become a norm for many individuals to consume coffee throughout the day. In many occasions individuals may not know that they may be consuming coffee through various products that may not necessarily be types of coffee drinks. The coffee trend has become one phenomenon that that has become into a multi million-dollar industry that continues to grow at an astonish fast rate throughout the world. The traditional individuals that were thought to consumed coffee were adults that were going to work in the morning or grandparents that would drink a cup as a morning breakfast that was accompanied with other treats like doughnuts or warm bread. Today the characteristic of the average person who consumes coffee has changed to all ages. The reasons on why individuals drink coffee may vary from just enjoying the taste of coffee to have the need to stay awake over long periods of time. In some occasions people decide to drink coffee to start their day with some sort of energy, especially when they may have different tasks that they may need to complete. The consumptions of coffee can be beneficial in many occasions to help individuals be energized throughout the day but in some occasions this particular plant can also be lethal when consumed in high dosages.
The first sightings of the coffee plant can be found in an Ethiopian plateau it was said it was discovered by a sheep header who had noticed
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