The Consumption Of Crude Oil

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When a family migrates to another city or country, it could be an interesting or frustrating life experience, but at least their lives are not endangered. When humankind migrates to another planet, it might be a wonderful trip to start a new life. However, we also know that it is a trip full of risks and challenges, and a trip that might result in the loss of numerous lives. Some scientists argue that the Earth will soon be unsuitable to inhabit because the Earth is being heavily polluted and the natural resources are being excessively consumed. For instance, air pollution, which is caused by car exhaust or fumes from factories, damages the Earth 's atmosphere, being responsible for the decline in the number of many species. Now, the consumption of crude oil is around 90 million barrels per day worldwide and it is certain that the consumption at such a rapid rate is not sustainable. That explains why some scientists and experts advocate migration to another planet which is ideal for living. However, it is far more practical for people to continue living on the Earth by prioritizing saving the Earth. It is a mission impossible to find another planet that is as suitable to inhabit as the Earth. Even if scientists find it, the eventual migration of the whole human race to such a planet is also a tremendous challenge. Although it might be beneficial to colonize on other planets by establishing a number of stations on another planet as the first step, the drawbacks of moving
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